Welcome back for our second Trivia Tuesday on 1000thingsOhio.com! If you missed last Tuesday you can find it here: 18 things Ohio did First (so say some).


Today my husband put together a 10 question quiz on famous people from Ohio, there are some old names in this list. If you’re old enough to remember TV and music from the 70s and 80s you might do okay.


The answers to the quiz are on the downloadable FREE printable version of this quiz. I have a link to that at the bottom of this post. Just download and save it to your computer or phone or you can print it right off.  You can even print extra copies of this quiz and share it with your friends. If you want to share the quiz online, please don’t share the pdf link directly, but rather, share the link to this post so your friends can get the quiz from my blog. That helps me and my blog. Thank you!



Ohio Trivia Tuesday Quiz #Ohio #1000thingsOhio


1. What comic strip is Bill Watterson, who grew up in Chagrin Falls, known for creating?

a) The Far Side
b) Calvin and Hobbes
c) Crankshaft
d) Dilbert


2. What famous actress of a popular 1970s TV show was born in Warren, Ohio?

a) Lynda Carter
b) Jaclyn Smith
c) Catherine Bach
d) Valerie Bertinelli


3. Which member of the “ Eagles” band lived in Columbus, Ohio as a child?

a) Glenn Frey
b) Timothy B Schmidt
c) Don Henley
d) Joe Walsh


4. Which of these popular Sports figures was not born in Ohio?

a) Wayne Gretzky
b) Don Shula
c) Cy Young
d) Bob Knight


5. All of the below funnymen were born in Ohio, but which one was born in Toledo, Ohio?

a) Jim Backus
b) Tim Conway
c) Jamie Farr
d) Jonathan Winters


6. Which current kids show does Clevelander Isabela Moner star on?

a) Game Shakers
b) 100 Things To Do Before High School
c) Bunk’d
d) Best Friends Whenever


7. Which of these winning Super Bowl quarterbacks was born in Cincinnati, Ohio?

a) Russell Wilson
b) Ben Roethlisber
c) Roger Staubach
d) Jim Plunkett


8. Which of these Ohio-born actors has never been nominated for an Academy Award?

a) Paul Newman
b) Martin Sheen
c) Burgess Meredith
d) Clark Gable


9. Which popular Food Network personality was born in Columbus, Ohio?

a) Emeril Lagasse
b) Bobby Flay
c) Rachael Ray
d) Guy Fieri


10. Which popular book series (turned into a movie) is from an author who was born in Columbus, Ohio?

a) “Divergent” from Veronica Roth
b) “The Hunger Games” from Suzanne Collins
c) “Goosebumps” from  R.L. Stine
d) “The Maze Runner” from James Dashner


So, how well do you think you did?  You can download the free printable version with answers here!